We are a small information design studio, based in Madrid. We love to make complex things understandable through data, technology & design.

We have worked for private companies, NGOs, government institutions and self-initiated lab projects. Our diverse portfolio includes interactive data visualizations, innovative charts, storytelling with infographics and icon systems.



We are experts in delivering turnkey projects, integrating design and development

We work with modern web technologies, such as VUE, Tailwind and our beloved D3, process data with R or python and automate data pipelines with github actions. Thanks to our full-stack skills, we are ready to develop all types of data visualizations - from projects based on standard charts to complex custom visualizations.

Data literacy for organizations
We help organizations to understand the value of data and how to work with data in a smart way We offer workshops and training to improve data literacy and data culture in your organization.

Data modeling and database building
We can transform your disorganized information into structured data that is processable and ready to be fed into our a dataviz pipeline.

Design interfaces for data exploration
We love to build simple tools, full of interactivity, for data explorers so you can find what you didn’t know you were looking for.

Data installations / data art
We like when our data to jump off the screen, creating pieces for exhibitions and museums.

We empathize with our clients. We are driven by a user-centric perspective and strive reach the best solution through as many iterations and critical sessions as necessary


European Cultural FoundationFederación Española de Municipios y ProvinciasMédicos del MundoRed PlaneaScope3 ConsultingSmart and CityThe civicsUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid


Our core team consists of just two of us: Alfredo and Sergio. We first met at Medialab-Prado in Madrid many years ago, and since then, we have been collaborating on various projects due to our shared interest in design and creative coding

Sergio Galán

Data Visualization Engineer.
I've been tinkering with computers, webs and interactive technolgies since I was a teenager. I was trained as a telecommunication engineer and an interaction designer, and I love to build complex interfaces where data flows and people can interact in a meaningful way.

Alfredo Calosci

Communication Designer.
An architect by training, I transitioned my career into that of a freelance consultant in the area of web design, interaction design, visual communication and creative coding. I'm also a fixed-term researcher at the Department of Architecture, Design and Urbanism in Alghero.

We borrowed our brand name from the acclaimed Etienne Jules Marey's 1846 essay, ”Le Methode Graphique.”

Marey wanted to understand complex physical phenomena, such as body movement or fluids. To do that, he used new machineries to translate the physical world into images and diagrams that could be studied.

In Spanish, ”the graphic method” is what we call the technique to solve equation systems by plotting formulas. Both examples include a core idea: Use the power of visual representation to understand, or “think with the eye.“

Marey:Linear Graph of Running Man in Black with White Stripes

Etienne-Jules Marey, Linear Graph of Running Man in Black with White Stripes, ca. 1882,
in “La station physiologique de Paris,” La Nature Via

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