Mapping the Civic Education in Europe

Mapping the Civic Education in Europe

The first European map of civic education organizations. A project of the Civics Innovation Hub


THE CIVICS is the first pan-European NGO promoting civic education in Europe by building networks, enabling exchange and empowering citizens.

It is engaged in a project to map and connect civic education organizations in Europe. To enable this, it has conducted a survey of organizations in that field.

"THE CIVICS" commissioned us to visualize the data collected in the survey and to develop a platform to explore the organizations and their connections.

The platform has different views:

  • A home page map and description of all organizations
  • A connection diagram of the organizations within each country
  • A long-page story with the results of the survey

For those views, we developed a few custom visualizations and implemented some other more conventional ones.

Organizations are the main entity of the survey and are represented, consistently over the site, by a data-based fingerprint that represents three main aspects: the type of entity, the main field of work, and the civic education focus, in a sort of bubbly radial plot.

The most sophisticated visualization we created for this project is a radial network diagram that shows the connections (collaborations) among organizations for each country.

  • Users can choose the criteria in which every node is distributed around the circle.
  • A filter function allows for reducing the number of organizations displayed by pushing the non-selected ones to an orbit farther away from the center.
  • Finally, by selecting one organization, the corresponding node moves to the center of the diagram, reshaping the network diagram, while a detail panel opens from the right. The sum of these three interactions creates a quite complete explorable device.

Tasks and challenges

We were tasked with the whole process of transforming the data into a web platform:

  • Data architecture modeling
  • Design
  • Development

The platform is a multipurpose solution that enables the clients to display, update and reuse their data in different contexts. We designed a control panel to download the different visualizations to be used within a printed publication. The same charts used in the online report: have a "printed format" with some details ready to be used in a printed publication.



For the frontend, we used our usual stack of technologies: Vue.js/Nuxt, D3.js

For the backend: the client needed to periodically update data and we developed our own integration with a "no-code Database" (Seatable). Seatable allows our client to update the data and also to create new polls to collect new data.



The civics
The civics
THE CIVICS is an European NGO which supports both citizens and civic educators to deal with the challenges of our time, such as threats to democracy, causes and effects of climate change, growing polarisation, and social divides.


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